Dell Vostro 3478 - Core-i5 8th gen, 4gb RAM Review

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I am reviewing this product after using it for more than 45 days. I was looking for a 14inch laptop with i5 8th gen with 8gb of RAM and dedicated graphics card. I decided to buy this because I can upgrade the RAM later.

One more thing everyone should understand that this laptop comes with 4gb RAM so you cannot expect this laptop to perform some high quality operation. You have to upgrade the RAM in order to do so. 

After adding 8GB RAM (now its 4+8=12GB) and 240 GB of SSD (removed old HDD), I can say that this laptop is a beast. 

I bought it for programming stuff and It can handle Android Studio and 2 Instances of other IDE easily (RAM usage was 7GB at that moment).

I am using Ubuntu so pros and cons are based as per my experience. 

Windows user may experience different behavior. 



  1. Overall build quality is good however display panel outer cover does make some sound when I press that. (4/5)
  2. Battery backup is good and I am getting more more than 5 hours of  backup when brightness is at 30%. In my lenovo laptop I used to get around 2 hours. Its pretty good for me. (5/5)
  3. Brightness levels are good. (8/10)
  4. 720p display is good. (8/10)
  5. Speaker quality is more than average. (6.5/10)
  6. Keyboard quality is good. (7/10)
  7. Matte finish on display panel.
  8. Front camera quality is average. (5/5)
  9. It is a light weight laptop and I also removed 1TB HDD and CD-ROM, now its even lighter.
  10. Charging is pretty fast. 



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